Colin Kaepernick, Dumb Genius?

There are plenty of people who called Colin Kaepernick out for his actions against the Star Spangled Banner, but there are many whom have also called him a N****r as well. I think he has a reason to protest now…right? Or does he?

Workout 1 – 7.25.16 – Biceps & Triceps

Warm Up Cardio 40 Minute Cardio (Basketball Game)Workout Warm-Up Front/Side Shoulder Raises 10lbs    3    x    15 Main Workout Close Grip Bench Press 135lbs    1    x    15 185lbs    1    x    10 225lbs    2    x    10 275lbs    2    x    8 DB Curls Superset Hammer Curls 30lbs    4    x    12 Overhand Curls 20lbs    4    x    12 Tricep Superset…