The Unfinished Story

Sometimes it so hard for me to express myself
You know that feeling when you want the words to be perfect
Trying hundreds of sentence structures and synonym combinations
Only for me to say in so many words that I Love You

It’s a scary feeling of being in love in this day and age
People lie, people cheat and will even steal if the deem it essential
It’s like couples are afraid of a little hard work
Always quick to break up and move on at the first sight of any issues

It’s a scary thing you know, giving your all without hesitation
It’s takes dedication, contemplation and an everlasting supply of faith
Sometimes we lose sight of those things
And we have each other to bring back the faith

My heart beats, like the pounds of drums that echo through the forests of my ancestors
At the sight of you because queens walk with grace that I would never want to fester
I would never want to spoil, I would never want to never want to decompose
Because the love you bring to my life is the love that makes me better

There are times when I would mess up and tell lies and do all these crazy things
I can never forgive myself for those because it creates all of these crazy things
I walked in this life and I would scare myself because I had all of these crazy dreams
That I would fall in love with everything I wasn’t looking for and it mean everything to me

I was supposed to finish this….Hopefully I can…


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