Future – Future (review)

Had a chance to fully listen to Future’s album which dropped on Friday called “Future”. While there is no lack in 808s banging there is a great lack in creativity. His entire album until you get to the last 4-5 tracks sounds like one LONG run on song. I have to say, for him to take such a substantial amount of time off, for him to come back with this foolishness is just blasphemy. Just when I thought I was catching on to the Future Hive, this man drops these basically 6 songs and expects me to be hype.

I know you have a sound, I know you stay in your lane but sheesh at least change the sound or tune of your 808s from song to song. I will give credit where credit is due….”Feds Did a Sweep” I like it because it’s different from EVERY other song on this. “When I Was Broke” the instrumental was talking to me more than his words. “Might as Well” even has a different vibe to it that I can rock to. If I were to rate this album 1 out of 10, on a Hip-Hop Scale you get a smooth 5. On an overall music scale you get a legit 2 because with all of the creative artist dropping classics day in and day out you gave us 13 of 17 TERRIBLY PUT TOGETHER songs.


One Comment Add yours

  1. julianarde says:

    Completely agree with this, everything sounds the same! Are you fan of his older projects?


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