Dear Beautiful Black Woman…

Dear Beautiful Black Woman…

I share your genetics although the pigments in our skin may vary quite a bit
I want to possess the strength you are able to maintain in times of crisis
Your strength to keep me level-headed when the thoughts in my head are abruptly divided
It’s crazy that maybe I’m a convicted felon as a baby
That maybe I’m some target practice for a scared individual that can’t accept me
It’s just crazy that in a split second of a trigger getting pulled your heart is left heavy

You weep for understanding in the times my body and mind may be filled with rage
You seek peace of mind repetitively searching for multiple ways to forgive this unforgiving place
At times my heart is filled with hate, but you soothe my soul to where I am just a man watching my mortal body roam this place
Dear Beautiful Black Woman… I’m glad you chose me, I’m glad you chose to love this way

You are the hope of our people no matter how things may be protrayed
We’ve been beat, battered and slandered on video and in front of the world, put on display
You are the shining light in our lack of equity and unbearable inequality
You are the glaring angel that heaven has sent, the angel that will make a change

I apologize for the misappropriation you recieve from men of all colors
The demeaning comments that challenge everything you are capable of being
I apologize for the apologies that had no backbone nor meaning
Dear Beautiful Black Woman…I apologize for now allowing you to be you so you could complete me


I repeatedly call you beautiful because look at you…
You are the epitome of gorgeous, your flaws are who you are
Your curvatures whether big are small are beautiful in any light
Any height yes we accept you when you are short and when you are tall

While there will be hypocrites, they are secretly your biggest fans
They look for imperfections in the perfection of a God given tan
The melanin that embraces your skin, we love that about you
The love you deserve, mentally spiritually and physically has no depths, truly no end
Dear Beautiful Black Woman…Man oh man, I am definitely a fan

There are individuals that put you through hell and back
Child support, menopause, political lashes on your back
High blood pressure, handcuffs on your children heart attacks
European hair standards, mental manipulation, the list goes on so long it’s just sad

The power in your voice when you speak
The courage in your tone as it echoes through my soul
I could go on and on so I will save the rest for hopefully a part two
Dear Beautiful Black Woman…Until I can find the words, Thank You


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