Colin Kaepernick, Dumb Genius?

There are plenty of people who called Colin Kaepernick out for his actions against the Star Spangled Banner, but there are many whom have also called him a N****r as well. I think he has a reason to protest now…right? Or does he?


Mirror Mirror Pt. 1

Why must you look at me with such hate in your eyes? You wait until I’m no longer breathing to care, or at least until your life is on the line Is this what I have to face everyday; is this the downfall to me having black pride? Are you the monster people create, when…

The Last Supper (1592-1594)

One of my favorite art pieces of all time is The Last Supper. This is not the traditional painting of The Last Supper many people recognize from the infamous Leonardo Da Vinci. This piece of work was painted by Jacopo Tintoretto. I was first introduced to this masterpiece in 2012 by my professor Dr. Laura…