It’s More Than Color, It’s Accountability

There are a few of my white comrades that have taken offense to my last post which was removed by FB for whatever reason.
I stated:
[“It’s about 36 million black people in America. If everybody shopped at ONLY Black/Asian/Hispanic owned store for 5 days, you at a minimum could take about $200 million out of people’s pockets.
That’s how you protest. That’s how you make them pay attention.”]
You know that feeling you got when I called out every nationality but yours? This is how I feel every single day of my life en-counting. It’s not that I have a dislike for all white people, I have a dislike for how most white people that I have encountered or witnessed, treat myself and my culture. While there are many of you that treat me with respect and equality, there are many of you that are also two sided. Let me explain my reason.
[Case 1]
The Indiana Swimmer (Brock Allen Turner) that got 3-6 months in prison for rape, why didn’t you speak out on that issue in masses? (May not apply to everybody) The reason minorities were speaking out on this issue is because we have documented facts that INNOCENT (Brian Banks) minorities accused of the same crime have spent more time in prison than this rapist.
[Case 2]
I’ve personally watched, as well as you, a documented interview with the FBI Director tell a judge that they had evidence that Hilary Clinton had confidential emails on her personal server. She said there were no confidential emails at all, etc you are welcome to read the story yourself. Tell me how your peers do not hold her accountable, when she put all 336 million lives of America in Danger. Your wives, your husbands, your kids, your friends and family were all put in harms way because of this and she does not even see handcuffs. She committed and act of terrorism in all fairness to the law. On the contrary, we have a 14 year old boy, Tamir Rice, who is in an open carry state (Ohio) get gunned down in just under 3 seconds, he didn’t even get a court date. However, not many of you have spoken out against Hilary Clinton, unless you are a dedicated conservative or just dislike Hilary. There are a few exceptions for people that have fairness of justice but again the key word was a “few.”
[Fun Fact]
The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) did a study of Life Without Parole on more than 1,000,000 inmates. Black Inmates are 60% more likely to have more severe punishment or longer sentences than whites for the same exact crimes, statistically.
When people stress “Black Lives Matter”, this is not a radical movement like media has radicalized Muslims, this is instead suggesting that, by the hands of officers black people are dying at higher rates per capita. Did it take Alston Sterling 6 shots to subdue him? Did it take Philando Castile 5 shots, with a little girl in the back seat to subdue him? Dylan Noble was actually on the ground and got shot multiple times in the back. Yes police have a hard job to do, yes police do their job well 96% of the time. Whether race is involved or not there is a problem with “excessive force”. However, their is an obvious problem with these police quotas that nobody has spoken out about in detail until recent. There is an obvious problem with officers being sworn in after FAILING the racist tests. There is an obvious problem with officers only getting less than 3 months training, classroom or live, on how to deescalate a situation. These are issues that need to be addressed on so many levels.
Now bring up the Dallas Police incident and call it retaliation or however you like. Did those offers deserve to lose their lives, not at all. On the contrary, many of these officers are getting off of these crimes because they call out “Gun” in an open carry states or feel like their lives are in danger so many more times than not. Please understand why people feel enraged, not to mention, a gunman got blown up military style by police. Have I personally come across officers that are racist but fair, yes. Have I been profiled, yes. Have I been in handcuffs for no reason, yes. Have I met officers that are cool about their situations but still punish me, yes. There are many more good cops out there than bad cops, however, these bad cops are not getting held accountable by the same system that’s putting away minorities at such alarming rates.
I truly believe we can live in a world without color and boundaries. I believe we can coexist and not face these issues with violence nor racism. The thing is, we are not playing victims as minorities, we are asking you to hold people accountable as the majority. There are many white people that are quick to call people an African-American, why an African-American? Why are white people in America not a European-American? In majority of other countries in the world, they do not care if you are white, black blue or green, if you are American you are American. You are separated by your accent and they ask what part of America you are from. We are tired of being categorized by our roots instead of being recognized for our seeds. For the ones that misunderstood my last statement, we as blacks in America, We understand we have ties to Africa, so do you if you talk to your scientists and seismic plate shifts. However, when we were born in America we just want to be recognized by how we contribute to society and put in our shares. We often get marginalized and judged because of the actions of a few people, when all we want is due process and fairness on all levels.
[Fun Fact] There are more black males in college than there are in prison.
This is not me calling white people evil but I want you to understand that your counterparts, who are not on the same page as you, are the same people bringing us injustice and mentally crippling minorites. Minorities protest, because they feel the justice system has failed them, they feel America was built to manifest off of their hard labor with no reward. For over 400 years, America has thrived off of the backs of minorities and altered history in the favor of white people. A black man created a filament for the light bulb, in which made the light actually come on. A black man invented a functioning car before Ford came out with the model T. Henry Ford just happened to have the resources to mass produce cars and claimed his car as the first. A brown man came up with the complete sewer system. These are not things that are not made up, these are real facts that more and more black people are becoming aware of and it’s frustrating to know that there have been beyond great people in our history. We want you to fight with us against the corruption in these higher powers in the United States. The Senate & Congress spends all date writing bills, veto bills, getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to live in the comfort of their own homes. Our soldiers are getting shot, wounded and killed day in day out for a war these soldiers did not initiate. We are in these countries where people DO NOT want us to be in. That’s like you getting in an argument with Rocky Balboa over a steak and telling your child to go fight him and you will get him some cereal if he wins. That should not be how our country works.
President Obama is ridiculed and antagonized for being the best president he knows how to be. Last time I checked, he ran for president like anybody else did or could have done. He won 2 terms because your peers felt he was the best candidate. If you do not like Obama here are some solutions. Protest the Democratic party for having these “Super Delegates” that represent millions of people. Protest the Republicans for allowing seventeen candidates debate on a stage and make a fool of themselves and receiving unprecedented amounts of campaign money. Protest CNN, Fox News, ABC for giving flawed news for decades heightening tensions between cultures. Protest your own groups like the KKK for feeling like minorities are subliminal to them.
We need you in all honesty, as the majority in this country to hold more of your peers being accountable. If you see someone acting prejudice toward somebody, check and see if they know that person. Check and see if they know anything about that person. If you catch your friend dismantling a culture, check their facts, where do they get their numbers from, a valid resource? White people of America, you can help us end this race war if you just hold your own people accountable instead of fearing what the masses may think of you. If you wan to be a dominant culture and make a name for yourself, put in history books how you unified every culture in the world on your own soil and how your people live in harmony regardless of social status or cultural background.
I pray this war comes to an end. I truly do because this is getting out of hand. We all can make money, we can grow, we all can do better.

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